Famous Movie Bath/Shower Scenes

Photo from entertainment.time.com

I love lists. I enjoy all kinds of lists. It’s always fun to categorize things you love and things that bring you back memories. It’s a way of keeping track and it’s actually fun, even if some people find it a bit… geekish. Making lists with movies in particular is a very common practice. You can either make lists about the movies you like in general or get into further details, using your lists to actually put into types and categories, limit down something that otherwise would be so broad larger than life! They’re movies!

You can have “The Best Action Scene Ever”, “The Best Movie Villain”, “The Sexiest Bond Girl” and so on and so forth… Personally, I always loved the “Desert Islands Discs” list, but that’s another story – a rather old story, dating back to the invention of the first iPod. Remember iPod!?

Talking about movie lists, here is a short list with my own favorite movie bath/shower scenes. I know what you’re thinking about now but no, I won’t select any bathroom scene from any horror movie. We have all watched the classic scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho”, but I’m not going to offer you a horror movies list… And no, no Dexter either… I’ve watched this painful bath scene on the 4th season of the series once, no need to watch it again! So, moving on to the list I complied by keeping out anything horror, here are five memorable movie scenes that took place inside a bath or under a running shower and were of my liking or simply got stuck with me for a long while, playing games with my memory and my imagination. Hope you’ll recognize some of them, if not all – and if so, hope they will make you curious:

American Beauty

American Beauty is a great film directed by Sam Mendes. American Beauty is remembered for many reasons, such as for Kevin Spacey’s wonderful acting or for the beauty of Mena Suvari, among some other elements that made this movie so successful worldwide. The bath scene couldn’t have involved anything else other than a “hot scene” where we watch Spacey fantasizing about Suvari taking her relaxing bath with red roses spread all over… Sorry man, too young for you!

Weird Science

Whomever was a teenager during the 80’s must have thought of Kelly LeBrock… a lot! LeBrock was the hottest star in town for a while and there is a fabulous shower scene with her in the movie Weird Science. The story goes like this: two boys create on their computer a super woman able and eager to satisfy all of their desires. And then, the adventure begins as she comes to life! During the shower scene, the two boys only stare at her, mesmerized, sitting in a corner all dazzled as she discovers the pleasure of taking a shower. I guess it usually gets hard to recreate this scene at home live, as there are no super sexy women ready to please us infinitely (none that I know of so far), but if you would like to at least enjoy your shower as much as she did then check for Mira Showers… that’s better than nothing, if you ask me!

Pretty Woman

Another famous bath scene is revealed in Pretty Woman. We can all agree that it is sexy, but not revealing… enough. Julia Roberts and Richard Gere wrote history with this movie, as it was one of the best and most popular romantic films of the 1990’s (at least). Precious and cute, indeed!

The Big Lebowski

And now it is time for some laughter! The Big Leboswki is one of Coen Brother’s most renowned films ever (and they do have a plentiful of amazing movies!). The Big Leboswki was not only well received, but actually loved as no other of their artistic creations and that was mainly due to the unforgettable character called the “Dude”. As for the bath scene, well … Let’s hope nothing like that will ever happen to any of us ever! Let’s hope that a group of nihilists will not ever storm your house, throwing a little marmot (marmot, not mermaid! I repeat: marmot!) into your bath tub, while you are lying peacefully in there! The dude takes it lightly, though! If you haven’t (even though it is hard to believe), then you certainly have to watch this movie!

Casino Royale

The bath scene from Casino Royale is a lovely scene for the simple reason that it is quite unexpected. We actually watch James Bond as he is trying to bring some comfort to a tormented lady under a running shower. It is certainly a special moment in James Bond’s long cinematic career, as we are rather used to see him not comforting, but rather seducing every woman he meets!

+ Bonus Scene:To Rome With Love

Last, but not least, there is the hilarious shower scene of Woody Allen’s film To Rome with Love. We see a guy who can actually sing ONLY in the shower (and when I say ‘sing’, I mean the real thing). His bathroom singing leads him directly to his debut at the Opera. Whatever works, I’d rather say (to Woody). The bathroom singing scene is just another classic, among other famous scenes characteristic for Woody’s creations. Enjoy!