Best BMW Art Cars

What is it that makes us happy? I know what you might reply on that: love is what makes us all happy! And it might very well be true, love might be the key to happiness. When love knocks our door, we suddenly feel fulfilled and complete, life has a meaning and it all makes sense.
We are constantly searching for love, but at the same time we search and crave for other things that can make our everyday lives better. Take art, for example: we all, no matter our specific tastes, find great pleasure in art. It doesn’t matter if it is a painting hanged on the wall in a museum such as the Louvre in Paris or if it is just a pop song that we sing while taking a shower. It’s irrelevant if the art work or art product that manages to give us peace of mind is something which some describe as “high art” or just something much simpler and down to earth. Art brings a smile on our faces and is a treat for the soul; in the end, that’s all that matters…

Lichtenstein’s BMW, Tel Aviv Museum

Except from art, there are plenty of other things that make our everyday life more interesting and pleasing. Sports, cars, clothes are all essential elements in our modern lives. Supporting your favorite soccer team gives a meaning in your otherwise sometimes boring Sunday afternoon. But taking a road trip in your car can also make your day; most people love their cars and the freedom its gives to them. And buying clothes, well, we all feel like showing off with our brand new clothes every once in a while… So, I’m thinking: what better way to enhance your pleasure than combining two or more of these elements that make life happier!?
Let’s just pick one combination: mixing the pleasure of art with our genuine love for powerful cars. Yes, it’s quite possible: just take a look at some of the BMW art cars! It all started back in 1975, when artist Alexander Calder painted the first BMW car and the BMW 3.0 CSL in particular, in what came to be a whole series of unique art cars. Overall, a number of 17 BMW cars have been recreated up until this moment in what it seems by now a tradition for BMW. Some highlights will include:

Andy Warhol’s BMW M1

Warhol BMW M1

BMW M1 racing version by Andy Warhol, 1979

We couldn’t but have started with the vision of the “Pope of Pop”, Andy Warhol. It was back in 1979 when one of the most discussed and inspirational artist of our era decided to transform BMW M1, pimping it up in his own unique and always colorful, playful style. Warhol himself painted the car! In other words, he did take his job quite seriously! He tried to depict speed in his own ways and the result seems to be really impressive and imaginative, just like his entire creative vision in general, after all… Even if, apparently, Warhol’s creation is not for sale, other BMWs are and some might be just the starting point for your own creation. What would you say about checking for the latest BMW car finance offers and then see what you can do about your future car yourself!? Good luck there!

Roy Lichtenstein’s BMW 320i

BMW 320i racing version by Roy Lichtenstein

Roy Lichtenstein signs BMW 320i, 1977

Two years earlier than Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein had tried himself to transpose his highly imaginative style in a BMW car. The result was typical of Lichtenstein’s own creative world: a pop art car that looked like coming from a video game. If Warhol was the “Pope of Pop”, then Lichtenstein must have been something like its Cardinal!

David Hockney’s BMW 850 CSI

BMW Art Car by David Hockney, 1995

David Hockney paints BMW 850 CSi

Critically acclaimed as one of Britain’s most influential artists of the 20th century, David Hockney requires no introduction. Only last year he was appointed as member of the Order of Merit for his lifelong contribution to the world of arts and culture and that surely makes him a distinguishable citizen of the British society! As for the BMW 850 CSI that he designed, it will surely make it to the “Hall of Fame” of the BMW art cars!

Jeff Koon’s BMW M3 GT2

BMW M3 GT2 Art Car designed by Jeff Koons, 2010

Jeff Koons signs BMW M3 GT2 Art

Last, but not least, we have Jeff Koons – the highly controversial Jeff Koons, whom you either like or not. Some tag his works of art as kitsch, but some others like to remind them that his works sell almost like any other produced by artists still alive. One thing is for sure, though: Jeff Koons and his ingenuity and creative vision could not be contested. He seems to be the last artist on the list kindly asked to transform a BMW car. The work Koons has done with the BMW M3 GT2 surely didn’t disappointed those who love explosions or splashes of living colors on objects or things! For the love of art, that’s amazing!

Weird Themed Hotels around the World

You might find them either high on the creative vibe or just slightly weird. However, these are just a few memorable hotel rooms that you might find yourself lodged in when going all around the world. Enjoy!

Theoretically speaking, when you decide to travel and you search for accommodation, you are basically searching for a room which will cover your basic needs: a bed, a television set, a mini-bar, air-conditioning, a private bathroom, some free Wi-Fi and maybe a small balcony with a view towards something that it is not too depressing – and I mention this as once, when traveling to Transylvania, I got a room with a view precisely towards a cemetery! I am not sure if the view was part of a themed room intention, but anyway … The aforementioned are usually the essentials. When traveling for business and not for leisure, it might come only natural not to care about the color of the sheets or what kind of paintings are hanging on the wall.  Ok… sometimes the view is vital, as I explained before. And if you visit Venice, you simply need and want to admire the floating city of such a noble and long-standing history. Or, if you find yourself in a tiny Greek island, you might feel the urge to stare at the Aegean Sea every afternoon for hours!

However, how many of us can tell a story about them staying in a… chocolate room or in a room that is filled in with… mathematical equations!? Well, I personally don’t know anyone who stayed in such an extravagant hotel room but, nevertheless, there are many options for those who wish to stay in a place that they will remember for long… Here are a few thematic hotel rooms around the world that I hope will manage to dazzle you, not to mention to tempt you!

Godiva Chocolate Room

I mentioned chocolate earlier, didn’t I? Well, in New York – that marvelous city that never sleeps and where anything can take place – chocolate is in its right proper place, as there is the Godiva Chocolate Suite awaiting. Chocolate walls and paintings await for those lucky ones who will have a great chance to see their choco-dreams come true. Chocolate walls forever! Mind your … bites in order for the next visitors to find something left there as well!

Ice Hotel

Most people like it hot, but what about those who might crave for something freezing cold? Obviously, they are heading to the Swedish town of Jukkasjarvi, where an ice hotel a

waits the ones eager for unusual, frozen experiences.


The knowledge seekers, geeks and nerds will definitely feel comfortable at the Hotel@MIT. This is a technology themed hotel with walls that reveal the secrets of science and bedspreads that are simply full of mathematical equations. Recommended for aspiring PhD students! They won’t waste any minute on useless bookings and they will gain a whole lot of knowledge in their travels!

MINI Cooper Hotel

If you decide to travel by car instead of catching a plane, then I have an ideal stop for you. In Helsinki, the capital of Finland, you can spend the night in a hotel inspired by the European youth’s favorite car: MINI. The room is filled with MINI merchandise in a way that it might as well inspire you to search for a MINI Cooper for sale now instead of later … in case you didn’t drive to Helsinki with your MINI that is!

The Beatles Hotel

For music and pop culture lovers there is nothing that beats the Hard Day’s Night Hotel in Liverpool, which pays tribute to no other than The Beatles! I have to warn you that you might find yourself facing a tough dilemma after you’ll walk in the hotel’s lobby: would you choose the Lennon Suite or the McCartney one? I personally love both!

Mirror-cube Tree Hotel

Do you love nature? I bet you do. Then how about spending a night in a “sanctuary among the trees”? It is called the “Mirrorcube” and it is a transparent cube “planted” among trees deep inside in Scandinavian forests. Ecological and fancy, this is an option for design lovers and fans of alternative eco solutions as well.


When creativity meets fun

Art makes our lives better. Ask a psychiatrist or your friend, ask an academic or the guy from the supermarket; all of them will give you the same answer: art treats the soul! One doesn’t need to be an expert to appreciate or appropriate art. Art is being perceived as a harmonious creation by intuition, instinct, and by heart. However, it wouldn’t really hurt to open a book and learn more about the history of art. It would actually increase the amount of satisfaction and pleasure  derived from the encounter with the story and development of art and its influence on human history.

As for contemporary art in particular, I do understand that it occasionally makes people … anxious. It seems  at times to be far too complex or pretentious for many… Even if I can recognize the fact that an argument like this holds a certain amount of truth, as I have found myself staring awkwardly at the walls of several galleries sometimes trying to make sense of what had been pompously displayed. However, I strongly believe that contemporary art can also generate genuine excitement. In order to convince you, I will invite you to take a look at an event that took place only last week in Milan, Italy. Even if the event was not an art exhibition per se, but rather a fiesta of cutting edge design, it does look quite interesting and very arty.

Salone del Mobile 2013 – Milano

MINI at the Salone del Mobile 2013

It was there, in the Salone del Mobile2013 (a prestigious international exhibition of design)  that the most original MINI ever created was displayed for the public eye to gaze upon, explore, admire and be stunned! The MINI KAPOOOW! This most original MINI has been created by the MINI Design Team led by Anders Warming. Its impressive design brought a new insight on how a MINI can possibly look like. The installation invites the visitor to take a thorough look at a multidimensional MINI Paceman – the famous brand’s latest model. Before you start searching for new car deals from MINI, craving badly for the MINI Paceman, let’s see together why this particular installation will make you thrilled, awaking your senses and the crave for driving a brand new urban car.

First of all, the MINI KAPOOOW is as pop as it gets, as even the name suggests. To be more precise, the whole idea of its concept brings in mind both a pop concept along with the aesthetics of graphic novels narrating the tales of super heroes.

The general idea behind the concept was that MINI cars generate emotions. In other words, that MINI is a product with a character of its own, a car able to break the norms. As its advertising campaign puts it, MINI is NOT NORMAL.

The creators of the installation presented a MINI of two worlds. In the first side of the displayed installation, you see the back side of the car with its components seemingly flying away from or gravitating around the vehicle, as a mere symbol of the car’s metamorphosis, which takes place on the other side of the wall that separates the hybrid Mini. At the same time, the car is “connected” with the people pictured on a wall – and they all seem so enthusiastic about it! No wonder!

MINI Paceman

In the second part of the installation, the MINI Paceman is completely transformed. By passing through a wall, it seems that MINI acquires a totally different character. Most of its surface area is covered by paper and colored tabs which are indicating the prototype of every creative process.  Furthermore, iconic MINI models ,as well as famous personalities of the art world are mentioned on these tabs, creating a ‘wall of fame’ for everyone to admire and enjoy!

The installation brings in mind nothing of the extravaganza of contemporary art, despite being perfectly integrated in this realm. This MINI installation is simply creative design at its best!  And, if it is to think of a brand that invites creative design like no other, then that certainly is the mini cooper. Worshiped back in the 1960s, MINI is still considered the epitome of cool for many young drivers across the globe.  Even though the MINI I presented earlier is not exactly… drivable, it certainly adds something to the myth… and it certainly inflicts the urge for driving!