Pune’s Superbikes of the 1950’s

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My home town Pune in India was a small city of about two or three hundred thousand people in 1950’s. It was, even then, known as a bicycle city because almost everyone (at least male population) had a bicycle as the principal mode of transport. The trend continues even today with the sole difference that on today’s Pune streets, hundreds of two wheelers that are seen are not bicycles but motor cycles. The public transport system of those days in Pune, comprised of few dilapidated rickety-rackety buses, which also holds true even today. Though the number of buses has increased by hundreds of times, they still remain the only and sole mode of public transport. There were no motorized taxis and for personal hire, two wheeled light carriages, driven by horses and known as ‘Tangas’ or ‘Tongas’ were available. Some noble and rich families used to have their own 4…

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