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This past weekend, I read an article in the Financial Times about how The Bund in Shanghai is braced for redevelopment.

Reading the article made me think back to visiting Shanghai back at the end of 2010. As is my nature, I had to go revisit those images.

In all my travels, there have been two places that really rang “exotic” to me – Standing the the Chor Bazaar of Mumbai, India, and getting the chance to go to Shanghai. To me, “the mysteries of the Orient” were illustrated by what Shanghai was in my mind: dark, foggy streets filled with sailors, working girls and opium dens.

I can’t rightly say I found that but I greatly enjoyed Shangahi nonetheless. It’s such a classic old city that is being reborn every day.

After doing the work that we had to do, my first experience visiting The Bund was one…

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